Wound Care

Doctors Kwiecinski and Surowiec provide specialty wound care services at our Libertyville office location.

Wound care is a surgical specialty combined with the use of multiple wound care products and modalities. 

At our location we offer complete wound care evaluation that includes evaluation of the Lower Extremity Vascular system and management of infection with Infectious Disease specialists.  Digital Xray evaluation is available in the office. 

Multiple wound care products are utilized including topical products, wound vac and in office skin grafting with the final goal to complete wound closure. 

We deal with difficult and hard to treat cases.

An initial wound evaluation includes:

-Assessment of the wound size and depth and location

-Evaluation of the vascular status of feet and legs

-Assessment of Diabetic Blood sugar control in Diabetics

-Assessment for infection if present in skin or bone with use of Xray and MRI if indicated

-Management of Lower Extremity edema to facilitate wound closure